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Why Speech Therapy Works?

Speech Therapy Works is a community-based private practice serving clients across all ages especially families or individuals who have difficulty receiving therapy, or would benefit from having the therapist come to them. We aim to be the leading home based speech therapy provider offering high-quality personalized speech therapy to our clients in the comfort of their own homes. Our vast experience in both the private and public healthcare sector allows us to have a better understanding of Singapore’s overall healthcare system. We are able to reach out to the community across different language and dialect groups as we are proficient in English, Malay, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien and Hainanese.

What we offer

Why home therapy? We believe in providing comprehensive speech therapy at our clients’ convenience. A client’s home provides a more conducive environment for learning of new skills and/or generalization of new skills learnt into real life situations. Not forgetting, the home provides the most naturalistic environment to observe interaction between the client and their caregivers. We understand the needs and challenges of being a caregiver. Most caregivers are working thus sending your love one to the clinic for an appointment often result in taking leave or time off from work. This adds unnecessary stress to caregivers as not all employers will be as understanding towards the needs of being a caregiver. Some clients require intensive therapy sessions to optimize treatment results. However, frequent travelling to the clinic can be tiring for both the client and their caregiver(s). With the advancement of technology, we can instantly turn every home into a computerized speech and swallowing gym to carry out intensive speech and/or swallowing therapy. As such, we can bring the clinic to the clients' home!

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Our values

We desire to see our clients achieve better quality of life through the services we offer.

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